Apr 23, 2017

Featured Window

Roller Shades: The “Come Bach” Shade
Did you know that one of the oldest type of window treatment  which has been around for over 100 years is back in style? Once your "grandma's old roller shade" in  a plain white vinyl they are a popular choice both for commercial and residential spaces. It's demand has increased greatly because of new beautiful fabrics, textures, colors, opacities, designs, and better lifting systems. Gone are the days when you have to pull them hard to raise and lower, as well as the uncertainty of where it will stop, or how fast it will go up.  Brings back memories? Technology has since caught up with roller shades which are now very easy to operate, more reliable, and available in different types of operating systems from cordless to motorized, offering child and pet safety in the home. Depending on the openness, roller shades bring the outdoors in, cut the glare, give you better temperature and privacy control. Solar shades, a type of roller shade, has varying degrees of openness depending on the sun control needed. Some fabrics are inspired by nature and come in different textures that give character to your space.  Roller shades, absolutely simple yet elegant.

Darker solar shade fabrics (left picture)  offer excellent view through and glare control, while lighter fabrics (right picture)  are better for temperature control. If you can see out during the day, at night it will be the opposite if there is light inside the home.

 Light filtering fabrics (left picture) let light through while giving privacy, whereas room darkening fabrics (right picture) block light, keeping in mind that roller shades have a bigger gap on the sides where light can seep through.