Jul 13, 2016

Featured Window

Knock on Wood (or Faux Wood)
Wood blinds are timeless and offer the ability to control light and privacy by tilting. That being said, they are best left down and tilted open or closed, rather than raised up and down. 

May 9, 2016

Featured Window

Something Different for your Sliders

Sliding panels are a modern and functional choice for today’s lifestyle. They come in a variety of textures, patterns, fabrics, and colors that easily compliment the style of your home. This dramatic window treatment option was designed with large windows and doors in mind.  Although a lot of fabrics come  coordinated with roller shades, the possibilities are endless. Here are some completed projects showing the versatility of sliding panels:

Sliding panels provide privacy and  light control and easily combines with shutters.

They are  available in tons of colors to compliment honeycomb shades.

With its unique patterns, it can also stand on its own and dress up your home. Truly a great alternative for your large window or sliding glass doors!                

Mar 16, 2016

Featured Window

Soft and ROMANtic Shades

Roman Shades have gained a great popularity in the last few years. With the rich and plush appearance they are designed to make a room look more dramatic, or depending on the style, simply blend in with the window. When Ileana called us for window treatments, her vision was a clean, uniform look throughout the house with the soft element to it. We ended up using flat roman shades in an off-white color as Ileana didn’t want to detract from the frame of the window and looking to add color through drapery down the road. The look of how the roman shades stack in folds when completely raised also added interest to the home.

Care & Cleaning:

When cleaning any window, spray glass cleaner on a cloth rather than directly on the window. This will prevent damage to the fabrics from splattering cleaner.

Dusting: To maintain a like-new appearance, perform regular light dusting with a feather duster.

Vacuuming: For deeper cleaning, lightly vacuum with the upholstery attachment of any vacuum cleaner.

Professional dry cleaning recommended for some fabrics.
Taken from: Hunter Douglas, Lafayette Interior Fashions, Graber Blinds

Feb 17, 2016

Fresh Ideas for Your Home from Hunter Douglas

Geometric shapes can add movement & energy to your rooms.

Think outside the box for a refreshing change of decor. When most of us purchase home elements, we tend to focus on square and rectangular shapes and surfaces. Yet consider some of the most ancient decorating styles used by the Greeks, Romans and other cultures; they include lots more than just squares and rectangles! Try thinking out of the box for more interest and excitement in your decorating style.

Triangles, hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms. Who even remembers what some of these shapes are? Maybe now’s the time for a refresher course in high school geometry to spice up your home décor. And don’t forget to add diamonds, chevrons, zig zags and stars to the equation.

Add geometric shapes and patterns to your décor with these home elements:

● Table tops and table bases 
● Tile and wood flooring
● Rugs and carpeting 
● Wall coverings and draperies
● Upholstery fabric 
● Bed and table linens
● Throw pillows 
● Dishware
● Mirrors 
● Inlays on wood furniture
● Light fixtures 
● Painted wall stencils

Beware of too much geometry; a little goes a long way at perking up a room and anything too much can become chaotic. Geometric patterns can look modern, retro or thoroughly traditional, depending on their style, color and design.  Add geometric shapes to your interior design plan. It’s an angle that works!

Jan 11, 2016

PowerRise™ to PowerView™

Switching to PowerView™ 

PowerRise™ Remote Hunter Douglas is completely switching over from PowerRise™ with Platinum™ Technology to PowerView™ Motorization by Spring 2016. If you have existing Hunter Douglas battery operated PowerRise™ shades (it will have the remote as shown), and you have remaining shades that you would like to be operated using the same PowerRise™ system, we have until end of March 2016 to order them. Please call as soon as possible if you would like to get as estimate and place an order.