Sep 10, 2015

Featured Item

The Warmth of Woven Woods

No other style can give immediate warmth and texture to the space more than woven wood shades. Made of natural materials such as wood, reeds, and grasses, they are an excellent choice for bringing nature and the outdoors and in. Woven wood shades blend nicely in a setting that has rich tones,.

 It is uniquely constructed and also a great way to add depth and visual interest to a space. Distinctive color, stain, pattern, and material variations are part of the inherent characteristic and contributes to its natural beauty.

Woven wood shades create soft folds when raised which adds to its charm when up. The popular top-down/bottom-up feature is also available for extra flexibility and versatility (bottom left).

It can be made without the liner to allow maximum light to enter the room and where privacy is not much of an concern (top right). A liner may be added for more light control and privacy especially at night, while edge binding is also available to avoid edges from fraying or as a decorative accent.